Friday, 30 August 2013

Why I Placed Optin Form and Social Media Share Buttons on Top of Each Aal-productZ Posts?

Hey! Long time. Okay, I always want to post a new one each day to this blog. But due to shortage of time I'm unable to post. Now lets come to the point. Do you see any changes to Aal-productZ blog? Yes, you will see. I embedded a new optin box at the starting of each post and a social media sharing buttons at the top and bottom of each posts.

Why Did I Done That?

Well, I'm lucky that I found a site which is a great inspiration to me and it will be for you too. And Upworthy is it's name. I love that site and the traffic it got in small span of time. If you want to see, go to BusinessInsider Post. It got millions of unique visitors in the starting months.

So, what's the thing which I found from that site? When I visited to a post, 3 things I noticed.

1) Amazing Titles for Each Post

2) Big Share Buttons

3) Email Optin Form (I'm unable locate this now on their site. Don't Know What happen)

Even Though I find less content, these visually 'call to action' links motivated to share them with my friends. So, that made me to add Aal-productZ newsletter form and social media icons at the beginning of each post. I tried to add my own icons, but after wasting hours, I found that using a plugin is best for social sharings.

So, What do you think? I did the write thing or not? Please share you opinions.

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