Friday, 1 August 2014

How to Get a Free Heat Map for My Website?

When I searched for, 'How to get a Free Heat Maps for my site in Google, I haven't found any helpful articles or websites which let me to have a free heat map for my website. So, today I want to help some of the people who wanted a heat map for their website for free.

Let us start with the meaning of heat map.

What do you meant by Website's Heat Map?

Well, I tried to find some dictionary meaning of the word heat map, but found other definition of heat map, which is not relating to website. So I want to tell the definition in my own words. Website's heat map is a simple graphic representation of the visitor's behavior on website.

That means, we will get a clear representation in the form of color representation at a place where visitors are clicking.

What is the use of Heat Map?

Heat maps will let you know where your visitors are clicking and we can A/B test our website using these maps.

How to get a free Heat Map for my website?

In this post, I want to show and introduce you with a 'mostly not known' analytics solution for websites. And the new analytics solution is is a free analytics solution of Yandex. This is similar to Google analytics, where you can create a new analytics account for your website and track your audience based on different demographics, regions, countries and many more.

So, to get a free heat map for a website. First, you how to create a new analytics account for your website and then use it for seeing your heat maps.

What's the process?

This is very simple to create a new analytics account. Let us see how to do.
  • Visit and register for a new account. Initially, this website will be in Russian language, so to get English language, scroll down to bottom and look for language options. Mainly language option will be represented by country's flag.

  • After registering your Yandex account, login to At beginning, it will ask you to 'Add Counter' or if not, you can find an option called 'Add Counter'. Click on that. Type information about your website, the name of the website and other particulars of the 'General' tab. After completing click on 'Save'.

  • Now, you are given with the counter code which you have to place on your website. Tick 'WebVisor' box and copy the HTML code. For WordPress websites, copy the code and paste it in a widget. For blogger, paste the code in between <body and </body> of your template. After pasting the code, click on 'Save'.

  • Now you successfully added Yandex counter to your website. Visit your blogs Yandex analytics dashboard and go to Behaviour => Click Map as an below image.

  • Now you will see the link of your website and click on it.

  • You will be shown a heat map like below example heat map of Yandex.

  • It will take some time to get heat map of your website. In this way you can get free heat map of your website.


Yandex analytics is also a best analytics solution for a website. Even though these heat maps will not give you insightful information about your visitors behavior, but it is a simple heat map solution for a website.

If you found any errors or difficulty in using the above process, please let me know.

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