Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Why Everyone Should Choose Domain Privacy Option While Registering a Domain Name

What is Domain Privacy?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the non-profit organisation which takes the responsibility of the Internet's global domain name system. According to ICANN, whenever a domain is registered, contact information must be submitted to it, along with the registration. The submitted contact information will be made publicly available through a WHOIS Search.

Here, we can see that the contact information is made public and can be seen by anyone who searches our domain name in WHOIS search. In that way, people can know our personal information which we do not want others to see. So, for not making our information public, we have to opt for domain privacy option while registering for a Domain.

Why you Should opt for Domain Privacy option while Registering Domain?

While registering our domain, we will give our personal details to the registrar for registering a domain. If you give your office information while registering domain, it may not affect your privacy as that information should be known to everyone as it is a business address. But, if you are registering as an individual giving your personal information like your door number, personal mobile number, it will be very risky.

To avoid that risk, hosting services will show their company details as the registrar of that domain. In this way, both registrar and user will be benefited.

So, to avoid risk, everyone should opt for domain privacy option while registering.

Which services provides the domain privacy option?

Most of the domain and web hosting services provide domain privacy option. When it comes to our recommended hosting services, Bluehost, DreamHost and HostGator also provide domain privacy option.

HostGator provides domain privacy for $9.95 and Bluehost provides domain privacy from $10.99 per year. And when it comes to DreamHost, domain privacy option is free!


If you are serious about privacy of your domain and you, you should think about domain privacy.

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