Sunday, 29 June 2014

EMTB 04: What to Write, When to Write and Why to Write?

Motivation: The secret of getting ahead is getting started - Mark Twain

Welcome EMTB Series, Part 4! In my previous part, I explained about Uploading a Free Blogger template and customizing your blog. Now, in this post, I'm going to tell you the ways to choose content and frequency of writing content.

So, lets start!

STEP ONE: Choosing Content (What to Write?)

Well, we created our blog, added some pages, updated template which suits our blogs content. Now its time to write our first post. Most of the content we write mainly depends on our niche. If your blog is about news, you know what to write! If it is about photography, you have to write about photography and its related information.

So, if you are starting, you will have so much to write. Start from basics and go for other related topics later. Like, If you are writing about Photography, you have to first make content about photography and go for its related products or things.

Always keep in mind! WRITE TO HELP! (Why to Write?) Whatever you write, it must help people. At first, people visit your blog, if your blog produces informative and helpful content. Search Engines are the first Sources to get traffic for your blog. So, write informative content first and later, you can make some experiments on producing content in different ways.

STEP TWO: Frequency of Producing Content (When to Write?)

This is the most important step to follow for up-liftment of your blog. Most of the New Bloggers start a blog, write one or two posts and stop writing (Even I used to do Like that!). You should not do like that, produce content regularly, either on Weekly or Daily basis. I don't recommend Monthly or Weekly basis if you are trying to earn some through it. If you earned identity, the process may change but, when you start a new blog, produce content on daily basis.

STEP THREE: Sharing Your Content

Share your content on your blogs Social Media profiles and create a friendly environment on Social Media profiles, like following back on Twitter if any one follows you, liking others Facebook posts related to your niche, commenting and more.


Each and everything has a process to be followed. I will write in detail about each topic in my later posts. Stay tuned to know about the process and ways I use for getting better results.

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