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Guide: How to Submit My Blog to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex?

If you have a blog, then it must be submitted to search engines. You can do it by submitting to search engine's Webmaster. In simple words, Webmaster tools helps you to monitor and maintain the submitted sites presence in search engine results. We have analytics to measure our audience and this Webmaster tools will help you to optimize the performance of your blogs for better output from search engines.

In other way, we can say that you have to tell search engines that your blog is running and in order to get your posts indexed in any search engine, you should submit your blog or website to a search engine Webmaster.

There are mainly three search engines which offer Webmaster tools, and they are Google, Bing and Yandex. These three top search engines provide Webmaster tools services for free and other top search engines mostly depend on these three search engines.

In this post, I am going to show you the process of submitting your blog or website to these three major search engines. Let us start with the main search engine - Google.

1) Google Webmaster Tools:

Google's Webmaster tools is a free service which is offered by Google, where you can monitor the sites presence in Google search results. These tools will help to know the performance of your posts in Google's search engine results.

So, let us see how to submit a blog or website to Google's Webmaster tools.
  • At first, login to Google's Webmaster tools with your Google ID. If you do not have a Google account, create a new account.
  • After logging in, you will find an option called 'Add a Site'.

  • A new dialogue box will open and asks you to submit your blog. Go ahead and type the URL of your blog.

  • Then Webmaster tools will ask you to verify your ownership of your submitted blog. There you have two methods. One is 'Recommended Method' and another one is 'Alternate method'. Always choose recommended method because it will be easy for you to verify with the recommended method.

  • If you want alternate methods, click on alternate methods and choose your option.

  • After you successfully verify your ownership of that blog, go to dashboard of the blog you submitted on Webmaster tools. On your dashboard, you will see a red option saying 'ADD/TEST SITEMAP'. Click on it.

  • This is the main process you have to do after submitting your blog to Google. A sitemap is a XML file of your blog and we can say that this file is the skeleton of your blog. If you are submitting a WordPress blog, then sitemap will be like ''. And if you are submitting a blogger blog than the default site map will be ''. Type the URL of your blog's sitemap URL and click on 'Submit Sitemap'. You can also test whether your sitemap is valid or not by simply clicking 'TEST SITEMAP' option.

  • These sitemaps will help Google to index the posts, comments and everything of your blog and eventually it will help your posts to gain exposure through search engine results.

  • And that is it! you successfully submitted your blog to Google search engine. Always visit your Webmaster tools dashboard and see whether posts are indexing or not and look for any security issues or crawl errors compulsorily.

2) Bing Webmaster Tools:

This is another major search engine, which offers free Webmaster tools for optimizing your site for better performance on Bing search results. Bing's Webmaster tools help to index your blog on both Yahoo and Bing. Submitting to Bing is mandatory.

So, now lets see the process to submitting a blog to Bing Webmaster tools.
  • Go to Bing Webmaster tools page and sign up for a new Microsoft account and the login into Bing Webmaster tools with your new Microsoft account.

  • After logging in, you will see a 'Add a Site' box. Add the URL of your blog or website and click on 'Add'.

  • After adding, Bing asks to submit some information about your submitted website. It also asks your submitted blogs site map. You can see how your blogs sitemap will look from above Google Webmaster tools. Fill up the form and click on 'Save'.

  • Bing asks to verify ownership of the blog with any of the given three options. Choose your option and follow instructions of the process and click on 'Verify'.

  • After successfully verifying your ownership of the blog, you will be redirected to Bing's Webmaster tools dashboard.

  • That is it! You successfully submitted your blog to the Bing and Yahoo.

3) Yandex Webmaster Tools: is the largest search engine which is operated by Russian Internet company Yandex. This is an another search engine which provides Webmaster tools to the site owners. By submitting your blog to Yandex, your site will be indexed and Yandex shows your posts in search results.

Now we will see how to add a site to
  • Visit Yandex Webmaster tools homepage and you will see a big green button saying 'Start Work'. Click on that and log in with your Yandex account. If you do not have one, create an account which is very easy to create.

  • After creating a new account, login in with your Yandex account. At Webmasters dashboard, Yandex asks you to 'Add a New Site'. Click on the 'Add Site' green button.

  • You will add your site to Yandex in three simple steps. First one is to 'Add your Site'. Enter the URL of your blog or website and click on 'ADD'.

  • For second step, Yandex asks you to verify the ownership of the blog. For verifying your ownership Yandex gives four ways to verify. Choose your options and go through the instructions. Make sure you followed instructions correctly and click on 'Verify'.

  • After successfully verifying, you will be redirected to your new site's Webmaster tools dashboard. You have successfully added your blog to Yandex. Now it's time to add your blog's sitemap to Yandex.

  • On left side, click on Indexing options => Sitemap Files. Submitting your sitemap to Yandex is a little bit different. Unlike above two, Yandex has only one site map URL and that is '' for WordPress and '' for blogger. After typing the link of your blog sitemap click on 'Add'. Yandex always prompts user to check the sitemap before submitting to it. If you want, check it.

  • And that is it you have successfully added your blogs site map to Yandex.


Submitting your blog to these sites is very important, as to check the search engines crawling and indexing information of your blog. I've tried to submit another search engine '' which is the largest search engine in china, but it is not letting me to add. So, I will update this post later.

So, that's it for now. If you have any doubts, like to add extra to make it more useful or found any typing errors, please let me know.

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