Sunday, 11 August 2013

Launched Project 'T' to Make 'Aal-productZ' a Top Blog

Aal-productZ is on internet for nearly 2 years till now. I went through many difficulties about Aal-productZ and you can see from my previous post - My Difficult Times Regarding Aal-productZ and My Heartfelt Thanks to My Readers.

Now I want to go a step further to be motivated and dedicated for improving my blog. I started this blog with an aim to make it as a top blog like other top blogs and be listed in Technorati's Top Blog lists. I know that is hard as those top blog are running with the help of different writers and different media connections. But I once received a message from one of my friends saying 'Every king was once a crying baby and every great building was once an open land. Its not where you are today, but where you will reach tomorrow'. It applies to this blog too and I will try to make it happen. So, I want to take it seriously and wanted to start a project for making Aal-productZ a Top Blog. I will name it as Project 'T'.

The main reason to start this project is to do my job constantly, be motivated and mainly dedicated. Success comes from trust but trust comes from punctuality. To make a Top blog, lot of hard work and research is needed, so I will do them with in this project and notify here daily. I will try to make this blog as a Top blog within December 2013, so from January 2014 it should be listed in Top blogs list of Technorati. I will list out my work which should be done daily and other rules in my next post.

If anything is not correct, please notify me. And please share your thoughts regarding my project. Thank you and God Bless Me! :)

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