Friday, 4 July 2014

EMTB 05: Adding Google Analytics and Google AdSense to Your Blog

Welcome to EMTB Series Part 5! In my last part, we have discussed about what,when and how to write content. In this post, we are going to discuss about adding Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

Google Analytics

Actually, we can create our Google Analytics account while changing settings of our blog. But I haven't stressed about Google Analytics because we have 'Stats' option to see our Analytics directly on Google dashboard.

Now, for better measurement of our visitors, we are going to add 'Google Analytics' to our blog .

To add 'Google Analytics', first visit and click on 'Sign In' which is at top-right corner.

Log in with the same Google account which you are using for 'Blogger'

Click on 'Sign Up' and you will be shown a form. Fill in the form with the right information and click on 'Get Tracking ID' Accept 'Terms and Conditions' by pulling up the dialog box.

Now your 'Tracking ID' is shown. Copy the Tracking ID which starts with 'UA'.

Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Settings->Other.

Paste the ID in Google Analytics box.

That's It! It takes some time to show stats. So, check it later.

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the way to earn money from your blog. For Adding this to your blog, Go to your Blogger dashboard, search for 'Earnings' option and click on it.

You will taken to the AdSense window. Select 'Sing Up for AdSense' option.

Choose option with existing if you are new to AdSense.

Log In to your Google Account and you will be taken to 'Step 2'. Choose your preferred language and click on 'Continue'

Now, fill form with appropriate information and click on 'Submit My Application'.

After reviewing your application, Google may accept or decline you application based on many reasons. You must carefully read AdSense terms and conditions before submitting your application.

If they accept your application, go to your AdSense account, copy code and paste in ' HTML/Java' widget.

Done! You successfully added Google AdSense to your blog.

For China and India, the blog must be live for at least 6 Months before you apply for AdSense. So, for that reason, you must choose other alternative.


If your blog is based in India, other advertising platforms are available. So don't worry!

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